Gaming: Good or Bad?

William Janczewski

Dr. Moe Folk

College Composition

13, May, 2013

Gaming, Good or Bad?

          Video games are becoming a part of everyday life. Good or bad it is undeniable that they are. Within the past 30 years video games are one of the most popular forms of entertainment (Squire). With advances in technology people can now afford video games that are more complex and have better graphics. With these advances in the video game industry speculations are sure to come up. The 2 polar opposites are the ones that stand out the most, Harmful or helpful. Since video games are a relatively “new” technology; there is a need for studies be done for video games.

Violence is obviously something that is not good and the world would be a better place without it. Seeing how violence is an everyday occurrence children that play violent video games see it more and more. These children are desensitized to violence(Nauter). Seeing violent acts and performing them in a first person games makes these kid use to violence and it can make them hostile.This especially includes young children because they can’t tell the difference between real and fake even if people tell them something is fake. Over 33 independent tests found that there is a high relation between aggression and kids playing violent video games(Anderson,Bushman,357). I’ve seen people get disgruntled at video games. A prime example is my best friend; lets call him John. I play a popular game called Call of Duty(CoD). In CoD the objective is to kill the other team and not get killed. I have a theory I call the anger scale; the concept is that when you are angry you perform worst and when you perform worst you get angry. So John’s scale gets unbalanced easily and I can tell; he quickly goes from a little bit angry to practically screaming and wailing on the furniture in a matter of 5 minutes. I have to tell him to go cool off. I am a lot calmer than John so my scale takes longer to get unbalanced, but I also realize I am getting angry at a game so I will just turn it off and go do something else for a while. Competitive games make people angry if they keep losing and some games just take it to far.

Learning is a topic that is good for everyone. Learning is what parents want their child to do to grow up smart. Reading a book is boring so people use video games to teach children lessons. Games use learning in context unlike schools do(Gee, 2). Generic math problem: Liz has 2 apples and her sister Lauren has one apple, each apple is worth 2 oranges. Tim offers them 7 oranges for all of theirs, is this a good deal? Who is Tim? Where did he come from? I don’t think a real life a random stranger wants to trade some oranges for apples. In a game oranges could heal for 100hp and apples 200hp; now when you are offered 7 oranges for 3 apples you realize that 700hp is more than 600hp so you take the deal; it now has context to what they are doing. This isn’t even a game aimed at being educational and yet it still is. People even make educational games aimed at teaching kids in fun ways. Games also help kids with coordinate better if used in moderation(Gallagher)

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