Final Reflection

Final Reflection

          So its finally here, the end of the class. I believe i have learned quite a few things that will help me in the future. Learning powerful words make my papers more interesting. Instead of huge wave i use thundering wave or gigantic or roaring. I feel like this really helped me because I always felt like my papers were extremely boring to read but they have gotten better. English is one of my more hated subjects and i know that i lack in many areas but just fixing a few is a major accomplishment for me

I am also way more efficient as long as I am not in my room. I have found that i have associated my room with relaxation and enjoyment and just taking the 15 second walk into the lounge boosts my concentration immensely. It takes me at least a third of the time to do something if I am not in my room. Walking away when i am stuck has also helped me be less stressed. This idea i had made me feel like while working on something a certain amount had to get done. This caused me to get easily frustrated and stress myself out which is something i wish was void in my life.

I’ve realized that if ever given the opportunity pick a topic you are interested in. It helped me a lot that i got to pick my topics over the course of the semester. As I stated English is not my strong point but I feel it was easier to learn when I hold a personal interest in my projects. No longer are they long boring pieces of writing i have to force myself to get done but they flow more smoothly. Everything we did in the class felt useful in someway and I believe that was due to the teaching method and not just reading out of a textbook like some of my teachers have been known to do. All in all i feel like i am coming out of this course with quite a few new skills which i cant say for many of my other English based classes.

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